Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator

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Combine your favorite Pokémon and discover unique fusions!

What is Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator?

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator is a fan-made tool. It allows you to combine two Pokémon. The result is a one unique fusion. We blend:

  • the visuals
  • the abilities

of two different Pokémon into one sprite, creating a wholly new hybrid. While the original Pokémon Fusion concept only combined sprites, this calculator pushes the envelope by blending attributes as well.

How to Calculate Pokemon Fusion?

Fusing Pokémon is easy and fun. By selecting two Pokémon from the provided dropdowns, users can visualize and analyze the fused outcome instantly.

  1. Select the First Pokémon
    Clicking on the first dropdown menu (or start writing the name). A list of available Pokémon will appear. Scroll through and select your desired Pokémon for the fusion. (Or click the Random button on the right)
  2. Select the Second Pokémon
    Similarly, click on the second dropdown menu. (Or click the Random button on the right)
  3. Start the Fusion
    Once both Pokémon are selected, click on the ‘Fuse’ button. Ta da! You have a new pokemon, a blended sprite and combined attributes. There will be 2 sprites:
    – Head from Pokemon 1 / Body from Pokemon 2
    – Head from Pokemon 2 / Body from Pokemon 1
Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator Charmander + Squirtle Sprite
Charmander + Squirtle

Using the Randomize Feature

If you’re looking for an element of surprise, use the ‘Random‘ button.

And it will discover unexpected sprites! This will randomly select two Pokémon and showcase their fusion. That simple.


Is this affiliated with the official Pokémon brand?

No, this is a fan-made tool inspired by Pokémon but is not officially affiliated with the Pokémon brand.

Can I save or download the resulting fusion?

As of now, the tool is designed for visualization. But, you can take screenshots.

How does the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator decide the attributes of the fused Pokémon?

The calculator uses a specific algorithm that combines the base stats and abilities of the two chosen Pokémon. This ensures that the resulting fusion is balanced and reflective of both original Pokémon.

What Pokémon generations are included in the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator?

Currently, the data is mostly based on Generation VII. We are always updating and looking forward to incorporating the latest Pokémon released.

Is there a limit to how many times I can fuse Pokémon using this tool?

No, there’s no limit! You can experiment and create as many fusions as you like. Dive deep into the world of Pokémon fusion and discover countless combinations!

Are the fusions created by Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator considered canon in the Pokémon universe?

No, the fusions are purely fan-made creations and are not recognized as official Pokémon by the Pokémon Company. However, they offer a fun and imaginative way to interact with the Pokémon world.

What’s the difference between the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator and other Pokémon fusion tools?

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator stands out because it doesn’t just merge the visuals of two Pokémon. It combines their abilities and attributes, providing a comprehensive fusion that brings both Pokémon’s characteristics to the forefront.

Key Takeaways and Thoughts

People feel something magical about Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator. It offers fans a new, exciting way to connect with the Pokémon universe. It’s all about creativity and realizing the endless possibilities. Every day, artists and fans alike share their unique fusions online (meanwhile the calculator is also being developed with new options).

Special thanks to the website owners Aegide and Sdm0.

What was your best fusion? Thanks for visiting and using Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator, pika pika!

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