Ethiopian Salary Calculator – Updated Income Tax for 2024

Use this new Ethiopian Salary Calculator to find out your income tax and net salary for 2024.

Ethiopian Salary Calculator

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Ethiopian salary tax is a crucial aspect of financial planning for both employees and employers in Ethiopia. As we step into 2024, discovering the Ethiopian income tax is important with the updated rates. This Ethiopian salary calculator and blog post aims to simplify the concept of income tax and pension in Ethiopia, breaking down the latest tax rates and providing an easy-to-follow guide for calculating your tax liabilities.

What is Income Tax and Pension?

Income tax is a mandatory financial charge imposed by the government on an individual's earnings. In Ethiopia, like in many other countries, the salary tax is a significant source of government revenue, which is then used for public services. Ethiopian income tax is progressive, meaning the more you earn, the higher the percentage of tax you pay.

Alongside income tax, pensions are another key financial consideration for working individuals. In Ethiopia, pension contributions are mandatory for most employees, and these funds are used to provide income after retirement. Pension contributions are typically a fixed percentage of your gross salary.

How to Calculate Ethiopian Salary/Income Tax?

Calculating Ethiopian salary tax involves a few straightforward steps, using the prescribed tax rates for 2024. The formula is based on your gross salary, which is the total earnings before any deductions. The basic formula (also used by our Ethiopian salary calculator) to calculate your net salary after tax and pension is:

Net Salary = Gross Salary - (Income Tax + Pension Contribution)

It's important to calculate the pension contribution first, which is typically 7% of your gross salary. Once the pension is deducted, the remaining amount is subject to income tax.

Pension Rates in Ethiopia

Pension contributions in Ethiopia differ based on employment sectors. For private employees (Proclamation no. 715/2011), the contribution totals 18% of the gross salary, with 11% from the employer and 7% from the employee.

In the public sector (Proclamation no. 714/2011), the contribution rate is the same, 18%, divided between the public office (11%) and the public servant (7%). However, for public employees in military and police roles, the total contribution is 32%, with the public office contributing a substantial 25%, and the public servant 7%.

The Ethiopian Income Tax Table

The Ethiopian income tax table for 2024 is structured in progressive tax bands. Here's a simplified version of the tax brackets:

  • 0 - 600 ETB: 0% tax
  • 601 - 1,650 ETB: 10% tax
  • 1,651 - 3,200 ETB: 15% tax
  • 3,201 - 5,250 ETB: 20% tax
  • 5,251 - 7,800 ETB: 25% tax
  • 7,801 - 10,900 ETB: 30% tax
  • Over 10,900 ETB: 35% tax

To calculate your tax, identify which bracket your salary falls into and apply the respective percentage. Or simply use ou Ethiopian Salary Calculator 🙂


What is the average gross salary in Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, the usual yearly gross salary range for workers generally spans from 4,314 ETB, which is the minimum salary, to 13,931 ETB, representing the highest average. However, it's important to note that the actual maximum salary can exceed this average. This figure encompasses the total yearly salary, inclusive of any bonuses. Salary levels can differ significantly across various job categories.

What is the minimum wage in Ethiopia in 2024?

As of 2024, Ethiopia does not have a standardized national minimum wage. Instead, wages are determined by individual government institutions and public enterprises. For example, public sector employees, who form a significant portion of the workforce, receive a minimum monthly wage of 420 birr (equivalent to $21). In the banking and insurance sectors, the minimum monthly wage is set at 336 birr (around $18).


Understanding the Ethiopian salary tax and pension contributions is essential for financial literacy. The 2024 Ethiopian income tax rates are designed by the government in accordance with their ongoing financial policies. By understanding these principles and utilizing the provided tax table, individuals and businesses can better manage their finances and fulfill their civic responsibilities.

As you navigate through your financial journey, keep this guide in mind for a smooth and informed experience with Ethiopian salary tax calculations. Remember, staying updated with the latest tax information is key to efficient financial planning.